Entry: ~ Love ~ Oct 17, 2003

In my life, there has only been one person on this planet who has ever meant the world and more to me. It creates a perfect and tragic story of one sided love.  Alice on the other side of the looking glass, watching the world and not being able to get through to it. Feeling love and wonvering if the other person will ever come to realize how much you love them.

I know that most of you people out there haven't heard the God of Wine, which is okay.  I'll give you the lyrics when I think it might help you to understand.

I have often wondered about my love for some people, and love in general. It is so true that there are more levels to love than any human being can ever express.  In my experience, the strongest and most wonderful love is not the love that creates a hot, buring desire for another person, it is the love that is so subtle that is does not overwhelm.  It is loves that brings you to sigh in happiness just from  the scent of the other person on your cloths, the love that means you will always be there for that person, no matter how far they are physically.

Should I write the love story here? Should I express my deepest secrets, for of all people, the public? I also must wonder at who, of my group of friends will come to read these, and what their thoughts will be.  There is something uncomfortable about haveing even your firends know too much about you.  It leaves me feeling exposed and less interesting.

I suppose I could just write vaguely. And make you all wonder. . . . . .


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