Entry: ~WOW!~ Oct 18, 2003

Holy crap!

The most exciting thing that has ever happened to me has just happened!! @+@

I recieved a text message today while at work from Fernando.  I had been texting him, as usual, throughout the day and had inquired about his doings the previous night.  From what I recalled he was going to hang out with Eric, a boy that I was acquainted with from High School. (He is, BTW, bisexual, last I checked)

He responded to me that he had enjoyed himself last night, and that he had met a girl, . . . for me!

I found myself laughing hysterically due to a mixture of emotions that flooded every part of me all at once.  I thought the idea that he had found a girl for me was hilarious! I was also uncontrollably and mysteriously excited by the whole thing as well.  
(I can only wonder what the people at my workplace thought when they saw me laughing at apparently nothing. LOL)
Now, let me frist give you the background that I have never actually had any sort of dealings with the same sex that could possibly have led to me being described as being gay, or bi.  In fact, I consider myself to be pretty straight.

However, I have often toyed with the idea of dating another woman, simply out of hate for my parents. This actually goes back into the fact that my parents believe me to be, for lack of a better word; a slut.

I am 20.  I am not allowed to be at a guys house if his parents are not home.  I am not allowed to have boys over unless my parents are home.  The few boys that have dared to come close to me are in the end, ridiculed and bossed around by my parents.  I am tired of it!  Out of pure frustration I wondered what would happen if I did date the same sex, would their reactions change?

I am thrilled about this oportunity to do this!  I meet her tonight! I can't wait!


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