Entry: I am so selfish! agghhh!! Oct 26, 2003

Oh my god, I did the most ass thing last night.

I called David (my ex) over since I needed help moving out all of my stuff out of my room upstairs into the room downstairs. He was glad to come over and brought me a sandwich from wendies too.

Everything was going good and dandy, I was getting kinda pissed off though because it was just so much work trying to get some of the stuff downstairs and my dad wasn't helping at all.

David, meanwhile, was patient with me and just worked along miving things down. 

Later on I realized I was getting kinda hungrey, the time was like 11:30 pm. I sent a text to Fernando and asked him if maybe he wanted to go to Betos to get food after he got off of work.  He responded saying that he would love to and would send me a buzz when he got off (around midnight)

I had hoped I could getthe rest of the stuff out of upstairs really fast, then I figured, it being around midnight David might have to go home since he usually has to return his parents car by then. 

However that didn't happen.  David was still working harder than ever, and I have to admit that he probably worked more than me, he still loves me so much!  He was plodding through all of my stuff and then I got a message from fernando telling me to call him.

Fernando was apparently right on my street and was heading for my house. He wanted me to just meet him outside so we could just leave when he got to my place. (I think he didn't want to disturb my parents, since they don't like him very much)

Meanwhile I felt like I had to hang out just with Fernando and not with David.  I don't know why, I just felt like David couldn't be around fernando.  That and I wanted to kiss fernando and I felt that if David was around, Fernando might be hesitant to react the way he normally does around me.  That and David would be uncomfortable.

But to be more perfecttly honest I think I was just thinking about myself.


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